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The latest release contains cache dependency management support for oracle. CacheProvider configuration should look as like below in configuration file for oracle support,

  <cacheProvider defaultProvider="AppFabricCacheProvider">
      <add name="AppFabricCacheProvider" type="CacheProvider.AppFabric.AppFabricCacheProvider, CacheProvider.AppFabric" defaultExpirationTimeInMS="20000" 
           dataCacheFactoryPoolSize="1" eagerPooling="true" database="Oracle"  />
           <add name="ClassicCacheProvider" type="CacheProvider.Classic.ClassicCacheProvider, CacheProvider.Classic" defaultExpirationTimeInMS="20000" database="Oracle" />

In the above configuration, both providers includes an attribute "database". This attribute will be parsed as Enumeration by CacheProvider framework to instantiate appropriate MonitoringManager class. Following are the possible values for database attribute in configuration,
  • SqlServer (default)
  • Oracle

Note: Make sure to reference correct version of ODP.Net assembly with respect to oracle database version in your respective projects.

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